Alligators, voodoo, UFOs and all that jazz!

Wow!! In a nut shell, we went from the deep south of Louisiana to New Mexico via Texas in couple of days. New Orleans was amaaaazing!! Crazy, magical voodoo city and hot as hell but awesome! So happy I’m going back there in couple of weeks to this Halloween weekend festival, to see my MARS men ❤️❤️❤️

Louisiana is so beautiful and feels like from a fairytale. Driving through the swamps we didn’t get to see alligators, meet any vampires or the like, but New Orleans definitely has them all, I’m sure 😉 and when in Louisiana… had to try gator of course! It was tasty 😉

Next stop and state Texas! Austin turned out to be different than I expected. Beautiful and vibrant green city when rest of Texas looks very dry indeed. Austin also hosts the big annual ACL music festival that took place that weekend. We couldn’t go 😦

We spent the first night at a friends house, thank you Mike!! Walking into the house we were sure there was at least an axe murderer in one of the rooms. House was empty, doors left open after all the roommates had moved out. In the middle of the night your mind starts to play tricks on you so we felt like we were in a horror movie. I think I slept like three hours that night 🙂 Next morning I booked a motel room. Let’s just say that house needs some tlc, it’s cute and has great potential.

By now it was clear that distances in Texas are huuuuge. So before we could visit Roswell or even dream of getting out of Texas we had to spend a night in Pecos a tiny town in the middle of the desert, in the most awful motel! The smell was horrible and it was like sleeping in a fridge. Next morning I couldn’t wait to get out of there and move on to New Mexico.

Next on our itinerary was UFOs and aliens, yup. Roswell is world famous for its UFO incident of 1947. But what really happened, or not? Everyone has their own story about what happened, be it a flying saucer or a weather balloon, I believe we are not alone here.

Through more amazing landscapes we arrived in Albuquerque last night. Now after a good nights rest we head towards the Grand Canyon!!










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