What is Kapua?

Kapua is a Finnish fundraising and adventure project that brings together ordinary Finnish people who are passionate about raising funds for developing countries and challenging themselves in the process. Each Kapua project culminates to a trip to one of the project countries and climbing a mountain. Kapua Guatemala 2013 was the fifth Kapua and in 2013 we travelled to Guatemala to see one of the local projects and climbed the Tajumulco volcano (4223 m) (or some of us did anyways). Since 2006 Kapua has raised more than 300 000 euros to projects in Nepal, Malawi, Tansania, Kenya and Guatemala.

The funds are divided between Finnish partner organizations working in the field. In 2013 Kapua Guatemala had three projects in three different parts of the world, Guatemala, Nepal and Central-Asia. In Guatemala the local youth are actively working to get their voices heard in their communities to work toward more child and youth friendly and safe Guatemala and also to get equal rights for all children. In Nepal, partner organizations are educating women and young people living in small communities on sexual health. They also get training on sustainable development. In Central-Asia a Finnish organization for disabled, is working with local partners to strengthen the rights of disabled women across many former soviet countries.

Kapua Guatemala raise just under 66 000 euros for these partners working in Guatemala, Nepal and Central-Asia. More about Kapua and its future projects on www.kapua.fi.



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