Life on the road

Little bit about life on the road. US interstate highways have become pretty familiar to us by now. From New Jersey to Chicago we passed through so many road tolls that it’s no wonder the roads are in such good condition from all the toll money pouring in. After Chicago there hasn’t been tolls yet but the roads are still a real joy to drive on. Except that everyone speeds like crazy, even trucks! Speed limits are between 45-70 mph. Just before New Orleans yestersday, we hit 2000 miles!! and I think we are pretty much half way through our journey now. So far we have passed through nine states!!

Our legs have been anything between four and ten hours, wouldn’t want to try more than that. Both of us drive so it’s best to change drivers half way on longer legs. This also gives us enough time to book our hotel/motel or whatever stay for the next stop. That’s worked out pretty good, you can get some great discounts booking same day.

Our little furry passenger on the back seat has been a real good traveller. She stays in her little bag when we drive and doesn’t complain.

Rest stops are important, especially when we don’t seem to be able to get up to catch any hotel breakfast. So far we think we should have asked one particular American sub shop to sponsor our roadtrip 🙂 after this trip I don’t think I wanna see another sub in a minute.

Tomorrow back on the road. Next Texas, the Lone Star State.

Here are few pics from NOLA 🙂







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