My summer as a hau-pair

As my last week in New Zealand is about to turn into journey back home, I’ll take a look back at this fantastic summer. 

After xmas and New Years I got to do this amazing trip to South Island and share it with the loveliest people. The next two months were filled with all kinds of fun and new activities, road trips, wedding planning and most of all hanging with my two new best friends Axel and Flint. 
Taupo is a perfect location if you want to see the North Island and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s right in the middle and has everything! There’s an event on almost every weekend during summer. You can go hiking, swimming in the lake or river, relax in hot pools (especially sweet when it’s cooler weather or raining), kayak, sup, mountain biking, sky diving, fishing, basically every known water sport you can think of and all the hair raising adrenaline pumping stuff the Kiwis are known for. Even got to watch the Iron men and women compete in Taupo. 
Even got to see mine and my sisters favorite stand up comedian in Hamilton, Eddie Izzard! And when you have a chance to do a 3.3 km xstream river swim you go for it, right? Well I did, and it was tough but fun 🙂 
So how do you spend your days in Taupo if you don’t feel like doing a bungy jump? Enjoy a nice walk along river or go jet boating. I had my two furry friend to keep me company. My friend called me a hau-pair when I got here and I believe that describes my summer here the best. What is a hau-pair? Well, hau is what a dog says in Finnish 🙂 hence hau-pair. All the runs in the park, swims in the lake, throwing sticks and belly flops to the river, cuddles and scratches, kisses, morning welcomes, games. My two shades of grey, happy and snappy, snoopy and scrappy, baxel and flinky, Axel aka snoopa-loop and Flinty the flat ears aka mean badass wolf. I had the most fun with you this summer and I will miss you like crazy but I know I’ll see you again real soon ❤️ and Suvi, Simon, Lewis and Jackson family and all my amazing new friends from near and far, thank you!! You made my journey and stay unforgettable.
It’s time to wrap up. This trip for me was in a way a new beginning for sure. Where it will eventually take me, I don’t know yet, but for now back to Finland. Later New Zealand! 



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