Kia Ora!

It’s so great to be back in New Zealand after two years. Seeing my sister and her family, their two new puppies has been just amazing.

The week before xmas was filled with last minute shopping, cooking, playing with the puppies and just enjoying summer!! Taupo is the cutest little town with the most beautiful surroundings. Lake, volcanoes, river, parks, beached, tracks along the river and endless options of activities from bungy to SUP and everything in between 🙂

We spent xmas with our NZ family in Motuoapa. There is nothing quite like the view of the lake from the house. The best thing about getting up early is you have the whole day to do all kinds of cool things. And with the weather here and outdoor activities available you really don’t wanna miss a thing. This week we went to the beach with a couple of kayaks. I’ve never tried one before so I was very excited to get in one. It was FUN!! With perfect clear water and long shallow beaches Lake Taupo is a perfect place to do all that. I could just spend all day on the lake.

Later that afternoon we took the boat out for the men to do some wakeboarding and fishing. Of course I couldn’t say no when I had the chance to try the board!! Having snowboarded most of my life I felt somewhat confident but still very nervous. I’m not that comfortable in water after all. After four attempts I finally got up!! Sweet!! The lake was so smooth and weather was perfect. Totally hooked now! 😀 There’s a video of all this that I hope to download somewhere soon.

Being a vegetarian in NZ can be little tricky when there’s a whole lot of BBQ going on and everyone else enjoys their lamb roast, ham and steak. There’s also beautiful fresh trout from the lake (yes I do eat fish) and plenty of delicious veggies and salads available. But I did have a little taste of the lamb and ham. Thank you to all chefs for the lovely xmas feast and for making yet another xmas in New Zealand so fantastic! ❤️ with my xmas present of NZ travel guide I’ll start looking for all the great places to visit in the new year 🙂 until then, happy holidays!!







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