Into the wild

Last couple of days have been pretty busy and amazing. They definitely have enough to make for four or five posts but since I’ve been too lazy to write anything lately I’ll just jam them into one.
Friday was our farewell party. Yes sadly this journey in LA is coming to an end. It couldn’t have been more amazing, journey or the party. We went to Burbank to celebrate our friend Max’s birthday and ended up jamming at his studio the whole night. Erika totally rockin it on drums!! It was so cool! Everyone played at least one instrument or several and you just played even if you didn’t know how, that goes for me. We even came up with a song. All I can say, we may have made history that night and if you’re lucky you’ll hear us some day 😀 Gigantic thank you to the whole band!!

Saturday we were invited to go sailing courtesy of our landlord. Pretty cool!! Sailing off the coast of Venice and Santa Monica we even saw a seal!! Yay! It was a beautiful day! Sadly though it was also Erika’s last night in LA. We have been travelling together for three months now, seen things we never dreamed of and more, so it felt strange saying goodbye. But I’m sure the adventure’s for us have only just begun 😉 right?

So what to do when you only have five days left in LA? I wanted to see the canyons. But first coffee.. So I’m walking down Melrose Place and I almost bumb into Frasier, I mean Kelsey Grammer. What was I doing on Melrose?? Well, in search of some great coffee. It really was pretty damn good. On todays agenda was Runyon Canyon. Yup. Famous for famous people jogging, and The View! No I didn’t see any famous people but the views were incredible.

On the other hand, if you really want to go into the wild 😉 (Into the Wild – a documentary series about the longest tour in the history of rock, now available on I suggest you go for a hike in one of the other bigger parks, like Rustic Canyon, Will Rogers or Temescal. Those are closer to the beach and offer several different trails. There you are little bit closer to nature and it’s not as busy as Runyon. I took the Backbone trail and Inspiration Loop in Will Rogers park on Monday and it was so amazing, one hell of a climb but totally worth it.

Only two full days left for me in LA. Oh boy… I think there’s only one city at the moment that comes even close to how I feel about LA right now and that’s Edinburgh. I’d love to come back one day, soon I hope and maybe stay a bit longer. Who knows. But right now I am crazy excited about going to New Zealand and seeing my amazing beautiful sister and her family, after two years!! xoxo











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