Dream big, work hard, live life

Already a month in Los Angeles. We have met some amazing people and come to realize once again that it’s a small small world. Music scene especially here is kinda small. Might be hard to believe but that’s my impression so far. Perhaps it’s because so many here work in either the music or entertainment industry. You can find yourself talking to someone and they most likely know a big name or two or have worked with one. I find these encounters very interesting and encouraging. Networking is still something I am learning. That is the key that opens doors if you are looking for a chance to make it here and even work one day.

We both love music. This may not come as a surprise, but music has been the biggest inspiration for both of us on this trip, and in life. Los Angeles may not be the music capital of US but you are sure to find a decent gig almost every night if you feel like it.

I love the fact that it’s quite easy to cycle to West Hollywood from Venice. Like yesterday. We went to visit the High Voltage Tattoo shop. It was so cool!! They are temporarely working next door at Wonderland LA because of the fire in the shop. So me and Erika both got new ink done!! Kat Von D wasn’t at the shop today. I’d love to meet her. Maybe next time 🙂

So.. What else. This week is Thanksgiving. Let’s see if we end up cooking our first ever Thanksgiving meal or get to spend it with some amazing locals. That would be awesome!

And just so you know, it seems like the most famous Finns here are Renny Harlin, Tony Halme and Alexi Laiho 😀 yup… but not necessarily in that order. And another thing. We have finally found the masterpiece that is Breaking Bad 😀 thank you Netflix! Totally hooked!






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