Worship the Music!

Always a winner idea to out before an early flight right? Yup, not. But what can you do when you have the opportunity to be part of the KROQ Halloween costume ball with Thirty Seconds to Mars. Well you GO that’s what!

Gotta say costume parties are not my specialty. I always have like couple decent ideas but don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying stuff I’m not gonna need later. And putting together a costume from what you already own just never works for me. I had had this one character in mind ever since I heard about this gig. Even on the day of the show I was still little hesitant about putting on this full face make-up but what the hell, it was a MARS Halloween show so I wanted to do it 🙂 So after some careful face painting and new white shirt I saw a Creep by the name of EggEye in the mirror. Haha!!

After two hours on a bus we finally arrived at the Henry Fonda theatre on Hollywood bulevard. Erika as a Fanther and me as EggEye!! Party on! It was a blast! I had missed MARS so much and now seeing them in LA was a dream come true! I was even recognized as a Creep by the MARS crew!!!! Success 😀 The night continued in the legendary Viper room and Rainbow room. First proper night out in Hollywood and it really was something I will never forget 😉

So yeah, like I said going out before an early morning flight.. well let me just say I should have known better. Better still. I was going to a three day festival so an hour of sleep before the flight was a little too little. Arrived in New Orleans feeling like a zombi, which is kind of fitting it being Halloween and all. Luckily I was able to crash at my sweet dear friends’ place, thank you Elyse, you saved me!!

Wanna guess? No I did not make it to the festival on Friday. Instead we went out to celebrate Halloween in the only city in the world you should do it, New Orleans!!! So cool! People were wearing such amazing costumes!

Saturday. A new day. Today was all about about MARS 🙂 before that though I got to witness the coolest marching band ever!! March Fourth Marching Band! Definitely not your usual marching band. It’s a party on stage with acrobats and most awesome still walking. Thank you! After the fiasco that was Lauryn Hill (40 minutes late and then cut off mid song after 30 minutes, that’s what you get for being late. Not sorry.) it was time to get crazy and warm in the chilly night with MARS. You know that feeling when everything is just right, you feel happy and safe, like you could stay in that place forever? That’s what I feel everytime I see MARS, even being there alone. But that’s the thing, you are not alone really. You find yourself singing your heart out with other Echelon you just met. You are with family ❤️ Once again MARS gave their all and it was beautiful. Kind of homecoming show for them because the brothers are from Louisiana, that was sweet and it really showed. And even though most of the audience was seeing them for the first time it was one big celebration of music and a great party led by our heros.

Last day at Voodoo. Saw this amazing show by a band called The Revivalists. New to me and instantly fell in love!! More great music with the great Foo Fighters closing the show!! Seen them once before and this was no exception to the rule of excellent rock show that goes on for like two and a half hours!!! Beautiful! But that was it for my first Voodoo experience, and it was great. Keep worshiping the music!! ❤️







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