Slow living in LA

Before we had even embarked on our road trip everyone told us you can’t live in LA without a car, it’s just too big. After two weeks here I see their point.

The other day in our nearby supermarket which is like 15 minutes walk from ours I was packing my groceries to my three bags and the check out guy askes if I need help getting them to my car. I told I was on foot so thanks but no thanks. He then paused for a bit and asked if I wanted a cab. I smiled and told him again no thank you cos I live real close. Seems like walking anywhere in this city is really unusual. Well this is how we do it 🙂

From the start we wanted a place close to the beach because we thought it would be more easygoing. Anyway I prefer spending more time somewhere close to nature than next to high streets. Since we gave up the car we have tried the LA public transportation, it’s not impossible, slow for sure but it works. It takes about two hours from ours to downtown or Hollywood but I’m not that bothered, if you’re not in a hurry. We even have bikes now from our ”host family” and I’m more than happy to take a bike trip anywhere than sit in traffic for hours, trying to find a parking spot in the end.

Also, I have been reading this book about slow living. So far I must say it sounds quite appealing. Waking up around 10 am (although I’m very good at waking up at 8am even without a reason) cooking breakfast before noon and then deciding what you want to do. And hey when you live like two minutes walk from the beach, how about a day at the beach 🙂 not bad I tell you!







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