Viva Las Vegas

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but Vegas sure did overwhelm me. We had decided to stay one extra night because we wanted go out and see the city too. Three nights was more than enough.

Firtst evening. The Strip. I was excited to see all the lights and what the fuss was about. Oh boy. It felt like a giant playground for young adults. The Strip has it’s cool things like the fountain in front of Bellagio and a huge rollercoaster at New York New York. Other than that it was all a bit too much for my taste. People advertising girls everywhere. It was even a struggle to find a decent place to eat on the Strip.

Second day. Downtown Vegas. Thank you Tarja for the tip 🙂 Had to come and see all the wedding chapels this place is so famous for. This part of the city is a lot less hectic and more charming. We found an amazing art district and good food. But tonight we also wanted to see the nightlife.

There are ton of big shows on every night like Bruno Mars, Zedd, Britney etc but we hadn’t booked tickets in advance so I wasn’t surprised to find they were all sold out. To be honest I was more excited to go to the giant rollercoaster 🙂 it was amazing and scary as hell!!

I didn’t really get into the spirit of spending money at the casino either. Had to try my luck on couple but didn’t win any. The night turned out to be bit of a dissapointment for me at least… except for a short limo ride 😉 the place is super expensive and since I’m not that much of a party animal, it all just felt insane.

And if you’re ever in Vegas and need of a restroom, Bellagio has pretty decent ones 🙂

Next California!






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