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If Nashville is the Music City and more country then Memphis definitely is the home of blues and rock n roll! It’s sort of a mythical place for me because Elvis has been in my life since always, it feels 🙂

You get a kind of 50s vibe when walking in Memphis, like you have gone back in time. Music and history is everywhere. Lot of the old buildings and river boats are still there. Sadly some parts are also little deserted. Many businesses and shops have closed and streets look quiet, except for Beale street, the heart of blues I learned. People are the sweetest and you feel welcomed instantly. Walking along Mississippi is really something else and just little off of the main streets you notice new shops, cafes and old buildings being restored. Memphis is a charming and warm city.

Highlight of this visit for me was Graceland for sure. Somehow I was still little hesistant how I’d feel about it. Can’t really describe it, too much history I guess. The gate itself is iconic and I feel stupidly excited just seeing it 🙂 but walking into the mansion felt strange. It looks like a museum which it of course is but after a while listening to the stories told by the family (the tour is narrated selfguided tour with audiovisual extras on a tablet) it starts to feel more personal. Elvis really was a generous person and the house a happy one. Finally walking into the Meditation Garden and seeing the final resting place of Elvis, I sat down and listened to the music. I will never forget ❤




Next stop New Orleans Louisiana 🙂



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