Where dreams come true

Never has getting into a bar been so difficult. Our second night outside The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and I was starting to get desperate. The line was just a little shorter than the night before. Tonight was open mic night and I really wanted be part of that.

After three hours (yes 3 hours) of waiting outside the cafe there was four people before us. Then suddenly we were next… An hour before that no one had gotten in. We were this close to leaving, hungry, tired and little angry at that point. Anyways.. the guy comes up and tells us ”You’ll be getting in soon” Really!? SOON!?? I had to laugh 😀 Soon, I know what that word means 😉 luckily this time soon meant like a minute. We were finally in The Bluebird Cafe.

The athmosphere was little tense at first, everyone listened to each song in silence. I believe everyone there had come to experience this famous venue and hear these artists of all ages. We got to hear so many talented songwriters! Especially a young girl’s performance about chasing dreams made me cry. It really hit me that being there tonight was a lifelong dream come true. I just wish my sisters had been there with me to share this. The Thing Called Love will always be our film ❤️ Thank you Erika for sharing this with me and waiting patiently for hours just so I could experiece this place that means so much to me.

Among all the great writers, I got to hear this beautiful performance by a young British artist called Bethia Mitchell. Please go and check out her website and listen here BethiaMitchell or on Facebook BethiaMitchell.Music
Bethia, I wish you all the best with your career and US tour!!







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