Look out Music City!!

Nashville. Finally here!! What can I say?? A dream come true!

But yeah, so much has happened since we left Pittsburgh. First of all a 8-10 hour drive to Chicago through four states.. Holy guacamole! Great driving from Erika! Driving into Chicago was an experience and a half I can tell you and after dark non the less. Big city left so much to explore for future visits but we were so lucky to meet a friend of a friend who showed us some sights such as the Signature Room on the 95th floor.Dinner in the sky and amazing views in the middle of a thunder storm! Wow!

Next pit stop was Louisville Kentucky. One night there was enough for us to rest and continue towards Nashville. At this point it felt like the storm was following us, luckily only during night.

Absolutely beautiful drive to Nashville though, very windy but sunny. First night in Nashville: great food and a great club with a drag queen show! Sunday turned out to be an almost perfect day. Got some laundry done 🙂 and then enjoyed the busy down town in the sunshine! Our goal for the evening was that long awaited visit to The Bluebird Cafe and a writers night (if you wanna know what I’m talking about, you need to watch film The Thing Called Love). We arrived there what we thought was early but there was already more than 100 people in line!! It was first come first served seating so our chances getting in were slim to none. And we didn’t. Decided that since there’s so much we want to see down town as well, we need to stay another night and come back tomorrow.

In Nashville there is live music in every bar!!! And people are super friendly and sweet 🙂 Rock, country, pop, rap, funk, blues..you name it, there’s a band playing! Even one and the same band playing all of the above. So tomorrow we’ll explore more of the city and hopefully even get into the Bluebird 🙂 wish us luck!









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