Hello Pittsburgh!!

After an epic ”going away” party (epic does not even begin to describe it but what can I do) 😉 we moved our stuff and our zombie selves to a Newark airport hotel. Thousand thank yous Niina for driving us there!!! Monday morning after some serious negotiations with Hertz we managed to get our car and it was finally time to hit the road!! A bit nervous, more excited and emotional at the same time, we left New York behind. It felt strange to be driving in the US after all the wait and expectations, everything sure is bigger here 🙂 so much traffic, super highways and huge trucks everywhere.

But we made it, after some intense navigation, 350 miles and 6,5 hours of beautiful Pennsylvania scenery we arrived in Pittsburgh. It felt like driving into Gotham City 😀 hahah!!

Pittsburgh proved to be a cool slow paced city with lovely easygoing people. Sadly I had to spend most of the Tuesday afternoon at a doctors because of an unusually tough cold with unpleasant symtoms. Feeling better now, diagnosis: upper respiratory infection.

Tomorrow we will begin the second leg of our tour, driving just south of the great lakes to Chicago!! Until then, take care and good night from Pittsburgh ❤️




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