Road trip planning

First week here in the US and so much has happened. Cool loft art parties, rides on a pedicab, crazy game bars, short films and still one big party tonight before we leave this place.

So our car is booked and we even managed to plan a route for our road trip. Leaving next Monday, we head out to Pittsburgh and from there to Chicago. Next big stops will be Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Austin, Roswell, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and finally our destination Los Angeles!!! ❤️

Don’t know how many miles that will be but the planned legs of our tour after Texas will get a lot longer than in the east, more than 10 hours, so we might need a few extra stops there. Plan is to arrive in Los Angeles before 24th October.

The great United States of America

Before we leave though there’s still time to enjoy the beautiful warm fall in New York City.




You all have a great weekend!!


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