Loft living in Brooklyn

First weekend in New York was a blast. Luckily I haven’t been too jetlaged, maybe all the late nights and less sleep than usual has something to do with it, if that makes sense..

Anyways. Our loft apartment in Brooklyn is kinda cool. Really nice interesting people living here, locals and international travellers. It’s been lovely waking up and there’s music playing in the kitchen, people cooking breakfast together and just having a happy slow start to a day. It’s nice hearing everyones story of where they’re from and what has brought them to New York, from Europe to South America and across the US.

And what a better way to get to know all these different people than a house party, but not just any old house party. Local artists including some of the flatmates had organised an art exhibition for Saturday, with more than 300 guests expected!!! Yes 300. Have to say it sounded a little intimidating at first. In the end the entire loft turned into a gallery in just one afternoon. Followed by a party with live music and performance art, it was a total success!! Had a great time and met even more amazing people!

Other than that I have just explored the neighbourhood here in South Williamsburg. Williamsburg itself is a really cool area. Bars for dogs, amazing vegan food, parks, people from all walks of life, more good food and just a really rich and interesting experience so far. Here are couple of pics from last few days.

Me and the house pups Iggy and Bradley

Williamsburg bridge

Lucky Dog, Brooklyn

Our loft building

Champs diner Brooklyn

Post party loft with some of the art



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