Kapua – wonders of the world

So I thought I’d post in English this time to consider my English speaking friends as well 🙂

What a coincidence. Came across this amazing natural wonder called the Te Kapua, in Maori meaning ”The Cloud”. It’s located at the Orakei Korako Cave & Thermal Park in New Zealand. My sister visited the place only couple of weeks ago and spotted the name sake of Kapua, thanks sis! So I said, “The Cloud”, well that fits, since we are definitely almost touching the clouds, if not above them, when we reach the top of Tajumulco in April.

What’s Te Kapua then? It’s a fault scarp, or a cliff, formed in 131 AD and further molded by numerous geyser eruptions. It’s part of a geothermal area on the Waikato River.

“At present, there are up to 23 active natural geysers that play freely throughout the area. One geothermal consultant stated that Orakei Korako has the greatest number of active geysers of any geothermal field in New Zealand, with the most variable and most interesting changes. There is a vast number of boiling hot springs to view at Orakei Korako as well as mud pools and there are extensive bush walks to enjoy through areas of native flora and fauna”. More about Orakei Korako at http://www.orakeikorako.co.nz/more-information.

So, it’s official now, I’m going to visit this magical place this Christmas to see my dear sister and her family there. Can’t wait to try all the fun adrenaline raising activities NZ has to offer. Definitely going to jump my first ever bungy! This is a long time coming, since I’ve always said that if I’m ever to do this it has to be in NZ. This will also be a great opportunity to hike and practice for next spring and Guatemala. All the gorgeous mountains and walking trails offer spectacular and perfect terrain for training and just enjoying the landscapes. I’m so excited and looking forward to three fun-filled-action-packed weeks of adventures in New Zealand!  Making my dreams reality 🙂 yay!

More about Kapua in English soon.



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